• I learned to gain my happiness reducing my desires.
  • Mere learning is of no avail without actual practice. The learned man who does not practice is like a colorful flower without scent.
  • Do not cultivate any non virtuous action - cultivate only perfect virtuous action. Subdue your own mind: this is the teaching of Lord Buddha.
  • Science without religion is blind. Religion without science is lame.
  • Letting go of desire is gaining the real happiness and satisfaction in our daily life.
  • Why be unhappy about something. If it can be remedied, And what is the use of being unhappy about something, If it cannot be remedied.
  • My religious is Love and Compassion. H.H. 14th DHL
  • I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them.
  • Mere learning is of no avail without actual practice. The learned man who does not practice, is like a colorful flower without scent.
  • Do not cultivate any non virtuous action, cultivate only perfect virtuous action. Subdue your own mind: this is the teaching of Lord Buddha.

Successful completion of Workshop for Monastic Education Curriculum Development.

Kathmandu, 16th March,2010.

One day workshop for Monastic Education Curriculum Development was successfully held at Norling resort conference hall on 15th March 2010. Acharya Karma Sangpo, Monastic education sub committee co coordinator chaired the program. The program was held in two session, where Jip Tsering Lama, CA member, was the chief guest in the morning. Khenpo Gyurmay Tsultrim, NBF President, Ani Choying Dolma, popular vocalist, Nyimi Sherpa, President of Sherpa women association, Khenpo Chonyi Rangdol, Principal, Mangaldeep Boarding School, were the prominent guests on the program where Amrit Yonjan, expert linguistic presented the paper on 'Monastic Education curriculum development from class 6-8.'

The evening session was chaired by Dr.Tri Ratna Manandhar, Vice chancellor, Lumbini Buddhist University as Chief guest. Hari Bol Khanal Director, Education Department, Harka Prasad Shrestha, Executive Director, National Education for Education Development, Laxmi Prasad Khatri, Executive Director, Curriculum Development Centre, were the Special Guests. Other prominent guests were Khadka Man Shrestha, Registrar, Lumbini Buddhist University, Khenpo Gyurmay Tsultrim, NBF President, Ani Choying Dolma were the guest of the program. Two experts Acharya Karma Sangpo and Bisnu Prasad adhikari, section officer from Curriculum Development Centre Presented papers on 'Monastic Education curriculum development from class 6-8'.

More than 150 experts and teachers on the monastic education deliberated upon the subject thoroughly. This will pave the way for smooth writing of the monastic education text books for class 6-8. All the experts commented positively on the curriculum development paper presented by Acharya Karma Sangpo and thus adopted the same for future course of action. Nepal Buddhist Federation is the official body recognized by the Government for taking up this project in continuity since they have very successfully completed publication of the text book up to class five. NBF also in collaboration with NCED successfully concluded a trainers training course for 20 teachers for appointment to different monastic schools recently.

Dr Tri Ratna Manandhar, Vice chancellor, Lumbini Buddhist University appreciated the initiative of the NBF and committed full corporation for the establishment of Mahayana Department in the existing University.

The University will actively involve itself at a stage when the NBF will be discussing the next curriculum on completion of class 12.

Issued by

Ven, Jigdol

General Secretary, NBF

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Nationwide Gonpa Teacher Training workshop Concluded

Nationwide Gonpa teacher Teacher training workshop concluded on March 14, 2010. LDT vice chairman Acharya Karma sangpo was chief guest of the program. NBF president Khenpo Gyurmay Tsultrim was the chair person.  More than 80 teacher were participated on the Workshop, and most of the teacher were from Himalayan region.

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Gonpa Education TOT workshop Concluded successfully

Kathmandu: 10 days of Gonpa education teacher Trainer of training (TOT) for 24 teachers, workshop successfully concluded on February 24, 2010. Acharya Karma sangpo, Vice Chairman, Lumbini Development Trust was the chief guest of the closing ceremony of the program. NCED Director, co director and other trainer were present too. Ven. Ang Babu Tamang, one of the participant, on behalf of all the participants thanked the Government of Nepal, Education department for giving them this opportunity which was very useful. Aacharya Karma Sangpo said that Buddhist education system is very much indigenous to Nepal since Buddha was born in this country. Therefore recognition of this important system by the Government will begin a new chapter of peace and tranquility for the country. He appealed the Government to maintain this goodwill.

Shri Bisnu Thaiwa Director, NCED appreciated the participants and assured Government's full support in future and handover the certificate to the 24 participant.

The participants offered khata to the trainers and authorities and the program concluded with a tea party.

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Gonpa Education TOT workshop Started

Gonpa education teacher Trainer of training (TOT)  workshop has been started from 15th  to 25th  0f February  2010, at National Centre for Educational Development (NCED) Seminar Hall, Sano Thimi Baktapure. 24 Bote Language teachers have participated  from 10 districts Solukhumbu, Okhaldunga, Taplejung, Rasuwa, Ramechap, Sindupachok, Mustang, Ilam, Khotang, Manang, Himalayan range of Nepal. The program was Jointly organized by NBF and NCED. Gonpa Education TOT workshop

 opening ceremony was inaugurated by NBF  President Khenpo Gyurmey Tsultrim and NCED Executive Director Mr. Harka Prasad Shrestha.


NBF President Khenpo Gyurmey Tsultrim, General Secretary Thubten Jikdol and Secretary Acharya Norbu Sherpa gave a speech about the   Gonpa Education workshop from NBF’s  side and Executive Director Mr. Harka Prasad Shrestha and co-director Mr Kapri also gave speech  from NCED’s side respectively.


Mr. Em Narayan Shrestha from NCED was the MC of the program. The TOT Workshop first day class was conducted by Achrya  Karma Sangpo, and Khenpo Thekchok,  the second day class was conducted  by Khenpo Ngawang Woser, and Lopon Karma Gedun.  Altogether there was a 30 sessions classes, each class sesssion was 1.30 hour. Six Sessions classes were conducted  by NBF and 24  classes were conducted  by NCED Trainers.  After this 10 days TOT workshop the participants will conduct other teachers at NBF Office From 27th February 2010.

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गुम्बा /विहार व्यवस्थापन परिषद् नेपाल गठन

गुम्बा /विहार व्यवस्थापन परिषद् नेपाल गठन

देशका विभिन्न स्थानमा सञ्चालनमा रहेको गुम्बा/विहारहरुको पहिचान गरी तिनीहरुलाई वर्तमान औपचारिक शिक्षा पद्धतिमा समायोजन गर्न देहायवमोजिमका ९ पदाधिकारीहरु रहेको गोन्पा /विहार व्यवस्थापन परिषद्, नेपाल निम्नानुसार कार्य क्षेत्र (TOR) तथा परिषद्को सचिवालय शिक्षा विभागमा रहने गरी गठन गर्ने मिति २०६६/८/२८ को

-मन्त्रीस्तरीय) निर्णय भई यस परिषद्को पहिलो बैठक मिति २०६६/१०/४ गते शिक्षा विभागको सभाकक्षमा परिषद्का अध्यक्ष श्री आचार्य नुर्बु शेर्पा
ज्यूको अध्यक्षता मा बसेको थियो । उक्त वैठकमा शिक्षा विभागका महानिर्देशकज्यू बाट संक्षिप्त मन्तव्य सहित परिषद्का पदाधिकारीहरु लाई

वधाई ज्ञापन सहित पदाधिकारीहरुको कार्यक्षेत्रबारे जानकारी गराउनु भएको थियो ।

कार्य क्षेत्र (TOR)

१. विद्यालय गुम्बा व्यवस्थापन अनुमति/स्वीकृति विषय र प्रक्रियामा मन्त्रालय/विभागलाई राय सुझाव दिने ।

२. गुम्बा/विहार अध्यापन गरिने पाठ्यक्रम निर्माणका लागि सुझाव दिने ।

३. गुम्बा/विहार अध्यान गर्ने विद्यार्थीहरुलाई उपलब्ध गर्राईने शैक्षिक प्रमाण-पत्र स्तरीकरणमा राय सुझाव दिने ।

४. गुम्बा/विहारमा शिक्षक व्यवस्थापनका विषयमा राय सुझाव उपलब्ध गराउने ।

पदाधिकारीको नाम

१. श्री आचार्य नुर्बु शेर्पा अध्यक्ष

२. श्री खेन्पो ङवाङ वोसेर लामा सदस्य

३. श्री फुपु छेम्बे शेर्पा सदस्य

४. श्री टक्य विष्ट लामा सदस्य

५. श्री सिर्द्धार्थ -भिक्षु न्रि्रोधा) सदस्य

६. श्री पेम्बा दार्जे शेर्पा सदस्य

७. श्री डा. दीपक बहादुर शाक्य सदस्य

८. श्री निर्देशक -शैक्षिक व्यवस्थापन महाशाखा) सदस्य

९. श्री उप निर्देशक सदस्य सचिव

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Delegation to Home Minister

As all the Buddhist Communities of Nepal have been suffering from many types of problems specially monks and nuns are been victimized by Nepal Police such as arresting, assaulting, torturing and detaining without any particular reason for the past few years. For the same, under the leadership of Nepal Buddhist federation and representatives of various local Buddhist delegated to hand over the letter of Memorandum to the Home Minister Mr. Bhim Rawal at Sigha Darbar, Kathmandu. Home Minister has said that government of Nepal fully assured that such case will not be recurred in the near future.

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Prime minister's Tea Party

On the occasion of Nepal Sambat 1129 and Eadh festival of Muslim Communities, The Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal had organized tea party at his resident Baluwatar. Nepal Buddhist Federation has extended the warmest felicitations to the Newari Communities and Muslim Communities. Diplomats, High rank Officers, Authorities, Journalist, Merchants and Several Nepalese communities along with the members of Nepal Buddhist federation were invited by Prime Minister on the tea party program. Former Prime Minister Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa the chairmen of (Rajapa) and Home Minister Mr. Bhim Rawal were also present on the program.

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Environmental Conference 2009

On the second conference on environmental protection which was organized by Kagyu Monasteries in the leadership of H.H. 17th, Gyalwa Karmapa Rinpoche. General secretary Ven. Thubten Jikdol Sherpa and secretary Ven. Norbu sherpa of Nepal Buddhist Federation has participated on that conference. The program was held at Gyutyo Tantric Monastery in India, from 3rd Oct to 7th Oct 2009. On the program G.S. Ven. Thubten Jikdol has presented the presentation about Nepal Buddhist federation and global environmental issues. Most of the participants were from Bhutan, India and Nepal of Kagyu Tradition.

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NBF Member participated to H.H. the Sakya Trizin Rinpoche's Golden Jubilee Birthday Celebration.

The executive members of Nepal Buddhist federation has participated to His Holiness the Sakya Trizin Rinpoche's Golden Jubilee Birthday Celebration at Tharlam Monastery. Thousands of participants prayed for His Holiness long life. The program has been started early in the morning with Sixteen Arhat Puja .by Sangha at Jamchen Monastery at Boudha Circle. After morning Puja , the portrait of his Holiness Sakya Trizin, the Supreme Head of Sakya School has carried in a procession, circumambulating the Boudha Stupa . The procession has proceed to Tharlam Monastery amidst a splendid a joyous reception by Sangha and lay devotees, led by school students . after this lighting of dharma lamp unveiling of the program - banner jointly by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honors. In the celebration also addressed by Ven: Thupten Jikdon ( General Secretary) NBF Acharya Karma Sangbo( Treasure of NBR and Vice Chairman of LDT) and Ven. Norbu Sherpa( secretary)

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सर्वोच्च अदालतद्वारा गुम्बा व्यवस्था तथा विकास समितिको अध्यक्षमा खेन्पो ङिमा दोर्जे लामालाई यथावत कार्य गर्न गराउन आदेश जारी

सम्माननिय सर्वोच्च अदालतले खेन्पो ङिमा दोर्जे लामा ज्यूलाई गुम्बा व्यवस्था तथा विकास समितिको अध्यक्षको रुपमा यथावत कार्य गर्न गराउनको लागि अन्तरिम आदेश जारी गरेको छ । मिति २०६६। भाद्र १९ गते मन्त्री स्तरिय निर्णयअनुसार स्थानीय विकास मन्त्री माननीय पुर्ण कुमार शेर्मा (लिम्बु) ज्यूले गुम्बा व्यवस्था तथा विकास समितिकोर् इतिहासमा बौद्ध धर्मको महायानी परम्परानुसार अध्यक्ष पदमा रिन्पोछे, खेन्पो, टुल्कु, आचार्य मात्रलाई नियुक्ति गर्ने परम्परालाई तोडेर सामान्य गृहस्थि बेखा रत्न शाक्यलाई गुम्बा व्यवस्था तथा विकास समितिको अध्यक्ष पदमा नियुक्ति गरे पछि बौद्ध धर्मलम्वीहरुले बौद्ध संर्घष् समिति गठन गरी गुम्बा व्यवस्था तथा विकास समितिमा ताला बन्दी समेत गरेको थियो । मिति २०६६।०६।३ गतेक सम्माननिय सर्वोच्च अदालतले खेन्पो ङमिा दोर्जे लामाको पक्षमा अन्तरिम आदेश जारी गरे पछि मिति २०६६।६।४ गते गुम्बा व्यवस्था तथा विकास समितिको कार्यलयमा एक कार्यक्रम गरी नेपाल बौद्ध महासचिव थुप्तेन जिग्डोल शेर्पा , प्रवक्ता आचार्य कर्मा साङवो शेर्पा , तामाङ राष्टिय महासंघका महासचिव एवमं र्सर्ंघष समितिको संयोजक श्याम तामाङ्ग लगायत विभिन्न संघ सस्थाको प्रतिनिधि ज्यूहरुको वधाई तथा शुभकामना मन्तव्य राख्नु भएको थियो ।

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