• I learned to gain my happiness reducing my desires.
  • Mere learning is of no avail without actual practice. The learned man who does not practice is like a colorful flower without scent.
  • Do not cultivate any non virtuous action - cultivate only perfect virtuous action. Subdue your own mind: this is the teaching of Lord Buddha.
  • Science without religion is blind. Religion without science is lame.
  • Letting go of desire is gaining the real happiness and satisfaction in our daily life.
  • Why be unhappy about something. If it can be remedied, And what is the use of being unhappy about something, If it cannot be remedied.
  • My religious is Love and Compassion. H.H. 14th DHL
  • I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them.
  • Mere learning is of no avail without actual practice. The learned man who does not practice, is like a colorful flower without scent.
  • Do not cultivate any non virtuous action, cultivate only perfect virtuous action. Subdue your own mind: this is the teaching of Lord Buddha.

NBF History

It is well known fact that Nepal, sacred land of Lord Buddha who dedicated his entire life for liberate all sentient beings is a sanctified place of unfathomable faith and devotion. Not only for Nepalese but also for all those who advocate world peace and follow Buddha Dharma. Even though the sacred land of Nepal possesses the intrinsic quality that can illuminate and purify the heart of world Buddhists as well as peace loving community, and develop and promote it as an important pilgrimage site is getting behind schedule. In order to accomplish such august mission, religions activities should be promoted, and teachings, practices and meditations of Buddhist traditions should be initiated in a comprehensive manner. On the base of these activities more faithful mortals, practitioners and yogis will render visit making this sacred land an epitome of homage and tourism. Therefore a collective effort is imperative today to preserve the unique identity of Nepal and its people and to uphold the sacred image of this country in the world prospective.

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Aims & Objectives

  • This Federation will be a non-profit, service oriented social organization.
    The objective of this Federation will be to defend the rights of Buddhist followers based on the principle of religious tolerance, and to promote, preserve and conserve the Buddhist sacred places.
  • Search, conserve and develop all Buddhist sites situated in Nepal and produce audio-visual materials or publish journals to promote them in the international arena. 
  • To establish an international level award or medal in the name of the symbol of peace Lord Buddha.
  • Take initiative to officially recognize Buddhist education provided in Buddhist centers as per Master-disciple tradition; take initiative to allocate certain budget by the government in this regard.
  • Take initiative to prevent any kind of encroachment by any other religious sects in Buddhist religious places or sites.
  • Take initiative for representation of Monastery Development and Management or any such national level organization by Buddhist scholars or intellectuals or practitioners devoted in Buddha Dharma, philosophy, arts and culture.
  • Coordinate with government and non-government organizations to include or introduce in schools education materials containing Buddhist philosophy, religion, arts and culture, in order to promote long lasting peace in the country.
  • Promote religious and historical importance of Lumbini within or without country in order to establish it as world peace city.
  • Take initiative to submit timely suggestions for any law rules, or by laws enacted by Nepal government in regards to Buddha Dharma.
  • Stop demolition or displacement of anything of Buddhist belief such as stupa, monastery and center including Lumbini Development Region.
  • Take initiative to promote Buddhist religious festivals and provide equal treatment by government and private medias with special emphasis.
  • Stop initiative to persuade the government to allocate necessary budget for the construction and execution of Buddhist University in Lumbini.
  • Spend the fund collected by this Federation through different organizations affiliated with this Federation for different social, cultural and religions activities.
  • Organize or represent in different national and international level Buddhist seminars, workshops and meetings with a motive of promoting fraternity in the world community.
  • Establish working relationships with other Buddhist organizations within and without nation in order to promote peace and benevolence.
  • Take initiative for necessary assistance to alleviate problems of monasteries, centers of Buddhist community or any organizations dedicated to help sentient being.
  • Organize projects to help the children or individuals of different community, ethnic group or disadvantage groups of the country.
  • Federation will consult, coordinate with, and if necessary, take prior authorization of concerned local governmental bodies before starting any national program or project

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NBF Projects

1. Constructing Nepal Buddhist Federation’s office building.

2. Establishing Bhot Buddhist Studies Department under Lumbini Buddhist University.

3. Organizing nationwide teacher training on monastic education.

4. Organizing a regular broadcast of Buddha’s teaching on Television and Radio. 

5. Organizing nationwide Dharma Teaching’s and activities.

6. Organizing environment and climate change programs based on Buddhism 

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What We Do

  1. Every year to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha.
    To organizes a conference on Buddhism after every six months or a year.
  2. To celebrate the day of “Buddha’s display of miracles, Buddha’s first turning of Dharma Wheel” and so on.
  3. To renovate the forbidden holy places of Buddhists.
  4. To organize a talk on Buddhism to the followers of remote areas.
  5. To organize an interaction program on Buddhism to the interested followers after every month in any Buddhist center.
  6. To organizes a discussion on Dharma on our spare time and to publish a periodical magazine.
  7. Every year, to celebrate the annual anniversary of our center in September

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NBF Excecutive Members

Acharya Norbu Sherpa 


9843405268 / 9808522698

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NBF Advisors